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John Hamilton Morgan and daughter, Mellie, 1886 trip to Southern States Mission, Part 4, conclusion.

1886 John Morgan traveled with the emigrants February 19-21 from Chattanooga to Kansas City, where he saw them safely off, and began his return to Chattanooga. He arrived there on the 22nd, was met by brother Kimball at the depot and found Mellie no better.

February 22-25, ... Busy at work at my cash book and other office work during the day, wrote some and attended to Mellie the greater part of the day. ... John Morgan continued to attend to his convalescing daughter, Mellie, much of the following month. On February 28th he wrote, Mellie not improving much. And on March 1 … Obtained a feather bed of sister McDaniels for Mellie. …

March 6 Read and wrote during the day. Attended a circus at night. Mellie improving very much. …

March 8 Wrote and read during the day. Attended to Mellie who is improving slowly. …

March 13 Elder Jno. P. Murphy called this a.m., having just arrived from Utah to fill a mission. He spent a part of the day with us. Wrote some letters today and in the evening we administered to Mellie.

March 14 Accompanied brother Murphy to the Depot and saw him off to Georgia. Afterwards got a carriage and took Mellie and Misses Sarah and Susie Fowler to Lookout Mountain. Went to Rock City, Natural Bridge and other points. Returned at 6 p.m. Mellie standing the trip pretty well. …

March 17 Mellie still improving, but quite weak.

March 18 Mellie not so well today. Wrote some letters and attended to Mellie. Beautiful weather.

March 19 Writing and reading today. In the evening brother [perhaps Elias S.] Kimball returned from a seventeen day trip into Georgia. Reported all well.

March 20 At work with brother Kimball getting things in shape to go west.

March 21 Reading and writing the entire day.

March 22 Made preparation to start west tonight. Finished up my correspondence and looked up my business. At 6:10 p.m. took M. and C. train to Memphis. Mellie feeling much better. …

March 25 Arrived at Pueblo at 8:10 a.m. and had breakfast. Waited until 12:35 p.m. and took west bound train to Salida at which point I left Mellie to go on alone while I turned back to Pueblo. Snowed considerably. A fire in Salida today burned two of the center blocks in the place.
"In her youth Mrs. Austin acted as her father’s
secretary and accompanied him
on numerous tours of the mission and to other
parts of the United States."--From the obituary
Wouldn’t it have helped us now if her granddaughters had been named in her obituary?

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From John Hamilton Morgan journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah.

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  1. I agree about the grandchildren. So nice to see her half brother and sister listed.