Tuesday, November 17, 2009

John Hamilton Morgan and daughter, Mellie, Part 3

On January 28, 1886, John Morgan’s party left the steamer at Vicksburg and spent the next three days in route to Chattanooga by train. They spent a night at Memphis where John Morgan held meetings with twelve elders from Utah, wrote letters, and assigned two missionaries to W. Tenn. and one to Miss.

Arriving in Chattanooga on January 31, 1886, he was busy thereafter getting Elders assigned and attending to other mission business through February 5. John Morgan’s Groesbeck nephews, John and Joseph, aren’t mentioned again.

February 5
Wrote some letters and went with Mellie to get her photograph taken. Met brother Tillman from Ala. And had a talk with him. In the evening visited brother Jno. McDonald on Boice Street.

February 6
Wrote a number of letters and attended to mission work most of the day, principally posting the office books. A pleasant change in the weather.

February 7
Walked out on Whiteside Street with brother Tillman and visited Frank Paynes and Jno. Jenning’s family. In the afternoon walked up to the top of Cameron Hill and in the evening went to hear Dr. Bachman preach at the First Presbyterian Church.

February 8
At 10 a.m. Mellie and myself started to go up Lookout Mountain. Visited Rock City and had dinner at Mrs. Wilsens. Then drove to the Natural Bridge. Then to Sunset Rock and then to Saddle Rock and Grand View. Had a very pleasant day of it.

February 9
Very busy all day at work at Mission correspondence. Elder Rouche came in from New Orleans. Rained in the afternoon. …

The work of the mission continued. February 14 At work in the office with emigration matters. Getting ready for the company that leaves on the 18th inst. …

February 18
Emigrants coming in on all the trains. At 6:10 we left for the west, picking up parties at Stephenson and other points along the line. Had to leave Mellie in Chattanooga suffering from a severe attack of Eyresipelas [sic, Erysipelas].

(To be continued.)

From John Hamilton Morgan journal, Special Collections, Marriot Library, University of Utah. According to a letter from Mrs. Emma Guthrie, printed in The Life and Ministry of John Morgan, by Arthur Richardson, copyright 1965, Nicholas G. Morgan Sr., pgs 335-337, a Mrs. Melissa (Payne) Jennings was baptized by John Morgan.

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