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Thanksgiving 2009. B. H. Roberts’ Thanksgiving Psalm, 1918.

I didn’t know of B. H. (Brigham Henry) Roberts’ friendship with my great grandfather, John Hamilton Morgan, when I saved this clipping from the Church News. I just liked it. It first appeared there November 22, 1975. Studying the John Morgan Journal, I’ve discovered what devoted friends they were.

A friendship forged, during their years together in the Southern States Mission, and other Church assignments, B. H. Roberts frequently stayed in John and Helen Melvina (Mellie) Morgan’s home. From my scant knowledge of their friendship, and amateur approach to locating material in John Morgan’s journal, I’ve listed a few random entries here. You can learn more about their association from these history blogs, The Ancestor Files and Amateur Mormon Historian.

From John Hamilton Morgan Journal, Special Collections, Marriott Library, University of Utah.
January 1, 1889At home during the a.m. Spent the afternoon and evening with daughter Mellie and husband [Andrew Burt] with quite a few friends. Brother B. H. Roberts came in during the evening and spent an hour or two.
January 9, 1889Attended Council Meeting at 1 p.m. Present were A. H. Cannon, B. H. Roberts, and myself. Quite an amount of business was transacted. A motion prevailed to not make any appointments at 10 a.m. for meeting on account of interfering with Sunday Schools. B. H. and brother Spry spent the evening with us.
July 10, 1889At work about the place during the morning. Attended Council Meeting … Brother Cannon loaned me his horse and buggy and Mellie and I drove out to the Penetentiary [sic] and had a pleasant visit with B. H. Roberts who was looking and feeling well. [If you scroll down on this link, B. H. Roberts is in picture P-08.]

December 28, 1889Snowed this a.m. and continued during a great part of the day. Brother Roberts and I called at the Gardo House and had a lengthy conversation with President George Q. Cannon relative to our trip East. A number of the details were arranged and an appointment made with the First President on Monday. During the p.m. we visited the “News” Office. Historians Office, Z.C.M.I. [Zions Cooperative Mercantile Institution] and other points in the interest of our trip. Brother Roberts spent the evening with us.

From this blog,
B. H. Roberts spoke at daughter Myrtle’s passing in Manassa, Colorado.

B. H. Roberts assisted in daughter Bessie's blessing in Salt lake City, Utah.

The index page from The Life and Ministry of John Morgan, by his son Nicholas G. Morgan, below, references B. H. Roberts.
The address B. H. Roberts delivered at Helen Melvina Groesbeck Morgan’s funeral in 1930 will be posted next week.

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