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John Hamilton Morgan and daughter, Mellie, 1886, Part 1

This picture is scanned from The Man Who Moved City Hall; Nicholas Groesbeck Morgan, by Jean R. Paulson, published 1979 by Press Publishing Limited, Provo, Utah, pg 24.

[Picture caption:] The oldest daughter of John and Mellie Morgan was named for her mother. This photo of Helen Melvina Morgan Burt was taken by noted photographer C. R. Savage. Helen later married George Austin. [John Morgan called his daughter Mellie.]

"In her youth Mrs. Austin acted as her father’s secretary and accompanied him on numerous tours of the mission and to other parts of the United States."--From an obituary for Helen Melvina Morgan Austin, death 1952, sent me by a Groesbeck descendant. In 1886 Mellie accompanied her father to the Southern States Mission. She was sixteen years old, having been born January 19, 1870 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This previous post from John Morgan’s journal concluded in Manassa, Colorado on November 27, 1885.

December 25
[Salt Lake City, Utah]
At home quiet with the family. Had our Christmas turkey alone, and had a very pleasant day …

On the 27th, after bidding the folks goodbye, John Morgan took the train to Springville, Utah where he stayed at brother in-law Harmon Groesbeck’s. On the 28thAt 1 p.m. met my daughter Mellie on the D. and R. G. train and with her continued on east. Passed the day quietly and pleasantly.

December 29
Awoke soon after leaving Black Canyon and enjoyed the scenery across Marshall Pass. Arrived in Pueblo on time and found Mellie’s pass had not arrived and so concluded to go to San Luis Valley on a visit. Went to bed at the Depot House.

On the 30th snow drifts delayed their travel. Ultimately, … brother Hislet [sic, Heiselt] took me to Manassa where I met Annie and the baby both quite well. But the weather intensely cold.

John Morgan won’t receive the pass he needs for Mellie to travel further with him until they get back to Pueblo on January 7th.

January 1
… A terrible wind storm came up in the night drifting the snow through everywhere and making everything cold.

January 2
Busy making Annie comfortable and getting the snow out of the house. At home most all day.

... John Morgan continued busy with Church meetings, speaking, writing, and visiting throughout the communities. He and Mellie arrive back in Pueblo on the 7th where he got a room in the Victoria Hotel. They couldn’t get out on the 8th as they … spent the day quietly waiting for the snow blockade to be broken. … at 8:30 p.m. went aboard the sleeper for the east, with a prospect of getting away during the night.

January 9
Laying at LaJuanta all day …. January 12 Some indications that we would get away today but night found us in the same old spot.

January 13
At 12 it was announced that we would get away during the afternoon and at 3:15 p.m. we pulled out in two sections, cheering and in high glee after our long confinement …

January 14
Ran all day through Kansas, snowing, raining, and sleeting at entervals [sic]. Evidences of heavy storm all along the road. Telegraph poles prostrated and deep snow banks. Arrived at Kansas City at 10:30 p.m. and went to the Lindell Hotel. Very tired and over all the streets there is a glare of ice.

January 15
Visited about over the city with Mellie and in the evening met Lon at the Union Depot. At 6:30 left over the Ft. Scott and Gulf Ry. For Memphis.

January 16
Changed out of the sleeper into chair car and rode to Memphis in chairs. Arrived on time. Called on Mr. Ellis and received a pass for self and daughter to Chattanooga. Had a short visit and chat with Mr. Hughes at the M. and C. Ticket Office. Walked over to the M. and C. Depot and at 10:20 left for Chattanooga.

January 17
Arrived at Chattanooga at 9:45 a.m. and met brother Kimball at the Depot. Went to boarding house and slept part of the day. Talked over mission matters with brother K.

January 18
Called on Mr. Sutton this a.m. on railroad matters. Walked about town with Mellie a while. A rainy disagreeable day. Busy in the office all day and evening on mission business.

January 19 and 20
Busy during the day writing and sending out emigration circulars. Got Mellie a pair of shoes and in the evening visited the South Tredgar Iron Works. A Mr. Stewart presented Mellie with a copy of Robinson Crusoe as a birthday present.

(To be continued.)

Lon [Leonidas] Morgan is John Morgan’s brother. Click here . and scroll down for a picture and mention of Lon.

Elias S. Kimball. In these 1885-1886 journal entries, when John Morgan refers to Brother K. or Brother Kimball, it appears that he is referring to Elias S. [Smith] Kimball. You can search for a biography here.

From John Hamilton Morgan journal, Marriott Library, Special Collections, University of Utah.

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