Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bessie Morgan Rex - letter written November 1936.

P. H. and Bessie Rex's west side yard. 
I wonder if it looked like this when "winter is in full swing."

[undated November, 1936]

My dear boy,

This is the kind of paper I need. Then I can get a lot on one page. My dearie, we missed writing you last week so are sending you this airmail. I wonder if our letters are as irregular as yours. We miss 2 weeks and then get two. I can’t understand. But then—we are delighted to get them when they come. It is cold & snowy this last day before election. Our lovely fall days are past—but then I wouldn’t hold them for when winter is in full swing. I know one year has passed. We saw Helen Kennedy Sat. She looks fine; and says she will have time to write to you. Mrs. Johnson has gone to Detroit to meet Dallas.

Now for the family—Helen is down with asthma today. Mr. Anderson is here. He is having a time with his reports, and Helen is getting him straightened out. Morgan is sitting on the big chair. He is [has] a bad cold. Maeser is out cow punching & his mother is worried sorely about him. It is so cold out today. Daddy is working on the amusement hall. Oh it is a beautiful building. If we can get a picture of it we will send it to you. The whole corner is occupied. I am on the finance committee. You would be surprised to see the way they raise money these hard times.

Well – politics The day before election. Things are hot right now. Landon is running Roosevelt a close race. All there is to do is wait & hope for the best. Vera Pearl & I went to S. L. [Salt Lake City] Saturday to a Rep. women’s tea – we drank coca my dear. Winnie was fine. She hadn’t heard from you either. It must be the boat.

There are two or three boys in the mission home who are coming to Brazil. We are sending your garments with one of them. They quizzed your daddy Sat. when he went up there. Your picture was in the Sat. News, with a story of the man who came from Germany & found the church again.

My dear, we sent you only $20.00 the other

Day but will send some more on the 15th.

High school is just out. School kids still file down that hill & my fourth one will be thro’ before I know it. Morg will be a man when you come home. We saw Mr. &; Mrs. Balls Sat.

Well here I am with a blank mind. It seems I have told you all I know.

Next morning. Received your letters of Oct 3 & 10. Isn’t it funny that they come together? Well, we are delighted to get them, so never mind. So Clara hasn’t written for some time. Never mind, she isn’t chasing out. Roy called Margaret J. on the phone from Great Falls, Mont. She goes steady with another fellow, I hear. Dottie was asking if you got Roy’s card sent for your birthday. Say, your correspondence isn’t caught up very well. Delighted to know your German is coming along. Willa takes it at the B. Y. [Brigham Young University] Write her a letter for practice. I want to see your name heading something in your Brasiloniare is that right? Just as well be at the top.
Oh the Aggies beat the U. a week ago, but the U. beat the Y. Did Logan celebrate?

Helen is still in bed but we have some medicine now. Glenn has gone to Cal. [California] & I hope she will be able to go in the Spring. Life isn’t very encouraging with such poor health.

Maeser came in last night half frozen. It had been a bitter cold day, but I believe he stood it better than some of the men.

Certainly hope you are transferred to Joinesville. It is larger with more opportunities. I also hope you acquire the name of a studious missionary. Just talking doesn’t get you any place.

You seem older? Your pictures seem to indicate your hair is thinning on your forehead. That makes one look older. Never mind, it is better to act older than younger.

I must hurry. Daddy will be in The boys [illegible].

Forgive them this time for not writing & I shall round them all up for the next. It keeps your father busy with working & trying to take care of his stock cattle, milk cows, etc. You remember how you used to write letters?

Today is election. The radios have been hot & last night was the finale. Here’s hoping.  They haven’t picked the new missionaries. We will send you $30 this month. I’m afraid it was only $25 last.

Must get this off now. Will send it airmail. We do talk of you every day & every body asks about you. I know the Lord is helping or we could not keep you there, I’m sure. Love & kisses from every one. Will write again in a day or two & make this family set up too.

Lovingly, Mother. 


  1. What a sweet, affectionate letter! That's delightful!

  2. I love when she talks about other local people. Some I know...some I just have to guess

  3. Thank you Amy, your comments are so appreciated.

    And Nancy, I'd love to hear further of any of Grandma Bessie's acquaintances--whose family members you can identify--and may be acquaintances of yours.